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  • Hello and Welcome of HeartSphere Counseling LLC

    Hello and thank you for visiting my website.  It has been about a 7-year journey to bring my private practice to fruition.  Excitement and nerves co-exist with each other right now.

    Today I want to talk about the symbolism behind the name and logo for HeartSphere Counseling.  As you can tell, two words are combined to make up the first word; heart and sphere.  The heart is our bridge that connects our physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our life.  It is in the heart where love resides.  This love nurtures our relationship with our Self and with others.  It is the heart-center that has the power to heal these relationships. 

    The second word is sphere which is the environment in which a person lives.  I like to make things simple so I look at “four spheres of influence” in our life; the physical, the emotional/mental (they are so closely intertwined I don’t separate them), the spiritual, and the connection to community.  I will talk about each of these spheres in more detail in future blogs. 

    The interesting thing about the word “heartsphere” is that if it is only heard rather than also seen, it is easy to envision to word being pronounced as “heart’s fear.”  Isn’t that interesting!  It is our heart’s fear that brings us to counseling.  And, those fears are always related to one or more of our four spheres of influence.

    The logo design contains three elements; a heart, four connected circles, and the colors.  The heart is the connecting point of the four spheres of influence.  The heart is our life source.  The four circles represent the four spheres of influence and overlap to show how each sphere of our life is influenced by the other.  This connection and integration and balance is vital for a harmonious and joyful life. 

    The beautiful bright pink that colors the heart represents compassion, kindness, unconditional love, and wholeheartedness.  The emerald green that outlines the heart and forms the four sphere design within the heart represents healing, balance, and harmony.  Both the emotions and qualities of the pink and green colors are often what need to be healed and restored when someone comes to counseling. 

    In essence, the HeartSphere Counseling logo is a representation of the ultimate goal of the client-counselor relationship.  While the counseling journey may seem uneven and rocky at times, it is a journey worth taking.

    Thanks so much for joining me today.  My hope is to post at least one new blog a week.  Please come back regularly so we can continue our conversation.

    Peace and Joy,


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