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  • Welcome to 2019 and the WISE WORDS blog. 


    We often take the words we use every day for granted.  For 2019, I want to dive deeper into our words and tease out their wisdom.

    I know that each of us may have different thoughts about the words I will be sharing with you.  And, that’s okay!  Each of us have our own perspective based on our lifetime of experiences.

    I encourage each of you to share your own thoughts about each Wise Word.  My hope is that a dialogue will be started that gives us all an opportunity to get curious, to look deeper into ourselves, and to grow from the experience.

    On the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, I will be positing a new Wise Word.  It seems like “hump day” is a good day for new inspiration.  So check in often.

    I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you throughout the year.

    In the meantime . . .

    Live an inspired life.



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